Ramp and Rail Plans

I've Found Some Of These By Surfing The Net, Some I've Made, And One Section Is Copied From Another Site. If You Would Like Ramp And Rail Plan Links, Please Go To The Links Section.

File Description
Rail01.gif Simple Rail Plans With Parts List And Very Easy Instructions On How To Build It
Rail02.gif Simple Rail Plans For A Double Rail. I Made These Plans. It Includes Parts List And Easy Instructions
Rail03.gif Very Simple Rail That Can Be Built For Under $20. Parts List And Instructions
Ramp01.jpg Halfpipe Plans. No Parts List And No Step By Step Instructions But Other Than That Its Alright

This Portion Of My Site Has Been Copied From The IASC
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  • Drop-In

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  • 1/4 Pipe

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  • 1/2 Pipe

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  • Ramp
  • Ramp (150dpi)
    • Pyramid
    • Pyramid (150dpi)
    • Fun Box
    • Fun Box (150dpi)

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