This is where you can come to find all the new news and updates for my site and some about the skating world
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9/9/99 Hey, umm its been awhile since the last upadate and for those of you who are wondering why its becuase no one was coming to the page. Anyways, sometime in the near future i am going to give the site a complete revamp. I am going to completly redo the whole page. I am not sure when but it will be done at the most by the beginning of November. I know that may seem a long ways away but its not and it will be here before you know it -kAoS-
6/28/99 Added the news section. Cleaned up the main page's source a bit. Loads a little faster, nothing noticable, changes only made in the HTML.

kAoS' page of inline skating
Created 6/28/99